Steps to Spread Smile :)

Padikkattugal is an organization for every individual who wishes to help those in  need.

This organization founded by 2012 college pass outs and some college students in and around Madurai and Chennai.

Padikkattugal has in its folds 

college professors, Self employed entrepreneurs, Media personnel,Engineering, Medical and Arts college students.Mostly software engineers from MNC's like TCS, INFOSYS, IBM, WIPRO, HCL, CTS, ZOHO, ACCENTURE, NOKIA, HTC,etc are the fund raisers of Padikkattugal. The only qualification to be a part of STEPS is the passion to help those in need.

No one Headed this PADIKKATTUGAL since its just an Social Service Organization powered by Youngsters and College Students.

Each and Every Youngsters are the Pillars of Our “Padikkattugal”.

No one is carrying any Postings here..

You are the Leader! 

You are the Volunteer !

You are the Leader!

You are the Volunteer

No one is Head here !

We all together just

servicing to Needy :)